Is Thum Ping Tjin Blocking FICA Because of His Deep Links with the West?

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Thum Ping Tjin, historian, academic, heroic fighter for freedom and human rights in Singapore, was once touted as one of Singapore’s golden boys, having represented Singapore to swim in four swim races at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

But things changed rather quickly, after Thum Ping Tjin left for his studies overseas.¬†Being the rising interstellar genius that he is, Thum Ping Tjin was admitted to Harvard University at the age of 16, and later did his second bachelor’s degree in Modern History and Politics at Oxford.

There while in Oxford, Thum Ping Tjin and several other western academics (including Dr Peter Carey, Dr Philip Kreager, Prof Jeff Burley, Prof Gerry Bodeker, Dr Stephen Oppenheimer) co-founded the Project Southeast Asia, an interdisciplinary research cluster on issues relating to human rights, politics, climate change and social issues in Southeast Asia.

One has to wonder, if Thum Ping Tjin being the young and impressionable teenager he was back then, was somehow influenced by the West, into turning against his own country and people.

In 2017, Thum Ping Tjin together with Captain Democracy Kirsten Han founded the New Naratif, an online platform which regularly bashes Singapore for being an authoritarian country, and how its people are brainwashed into slaves of the Government. The New Naratif was later exposed for being funded by American billionaire investor George Soros, who is infamous for making millions of political donations to back his candidate of choice.

While it would seem that Thum Ping Tjin had cleverly positioned himself strategically to conduct targeted attacks against Singapore under the New Naratif platform, the formulation of FICA (Foreign Interference Countermeasures Act) came as a rather nasty surprise that appeared to have thwarted Thum Ping Tjin’s plans.

In response to the impending second reading of FICA in October, Thum Ping Tjin wrote an article accusing the Minister of Home Affairs of benefiting from FICA, which will bestow unimaginable power to police and investigate any persons suspected of conducting foreign interference operations in Singapore.

Why is Thum Ping Tjin getting so jittery over the passing of a bill that better enables authorities to protect Singapore and Singaporeans from foreign influence operations? Is it because of Thum Ping Tjin’s deep links with Western academia? If Thum Ping Tjin is truly innocent of conducting any such foreign interference operations in Singapore, what is he so afraid of?

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