Raeesah Khan Admits to Lying in Parliament About Accompanying Rape Victim to Police Station, Apologises to SPF for False Allegations

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If there was ever a most awkward moment in life, it would have to be apologising after being caught with your pants down lying. This was exactly what happened to Worker’s Party (WP) member of Parliament (MP) Raeesah Khan during today’s Parliament session (1 Nov).

What Happened in Parliament Today?

A tearful Raeesah Khan appeared before the Parliament, and admitted to fabricating the story of how she had accompanied a rape victim to the police station. In doing so, Raeesah Khan also withdrew the entire anecdote about how the police officers at the station had made insensitive remarks toward the rape victim which had caused her further distress.

When questioned by PAP MP Indranee Rajah about the allegation, Raeesah Khan admitted that she did not even have the details of the rape victim’s case, when she made the allegation against the Singapore Police Force.

In total, Raeesah Khan admitted in Parliament today that she had lied to the Parliament not once, not twice, but three times.

Raeesah Khan’s Excuse?

According to Raeesah Khan, she had conceived the idea of  fabricating the story of accompany the rape victim to the police station, purely out of her instinct to protect the privacy of the rape of victim, and that her main purpose was to advocate for women’s rights. But when questioned by Indranee Rajah again, on whether she could have made the same point without lying about accompanying the rape victim, Raeesah Khan replied with a desolate “yes…”.

A Habit Too Hard to Quit?

This was not the first time that Raeesah Khan had made basely allegations, only to have to retract them and apologise. Many would remember that in September 2020, when then Sengkang GRC candidate Raeesah Khan made two Facebook posts accusing the Singapore law enforcement authorities of discriminating against minorities and jailing them mercilessly. It wasn’t long before Raeesah Khan made a public apology about making those baseless allegations, and even made a promise to the people of Sengkang that

“…as a leader, I have the power to start difficult conversations, and that it is vital to frame these conversations in a considerate and accountable manner”


















In just little over year later, Raeesah Khan’s old habit of making baseless and false allegations have surfaced again, except this time she has so courageously decided to do it in Parliament. Is Leader of Opposition and WP Secretary General Pritam Singh going to continue keeping quiet about this? And continue to let Raeesah Khan sully the name of the Worker’s Party?

In the Aftermath

The allegations made by Raeesah Khan became a subject of a big hoo-ha, after she refused repeatedly to provide any further details to Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam, who wanted to thoroughly investigate her complaint and bring justice to the rape victim or absolve the SPF of having behaved unprofessionally.

By Raeesah Khan’s admission of fabricating the entire incident, she has not only wasted the time and resources of the Parliament, and Singapore Police Force, but most importantly betrayed the trust that the people have in her and the parliamentary system. How could a MP, who has sworn an oath to protect the interests of Singaporeans be blatantly lying in Parliament before the whole nation?

While Singaporeans can accept her repeated apology in Parliament, should Singaporeans accept a MP like Raeesah Khan? A MP who without a second thought, decides to fabricate a story to villainize an enforcement agency? A MP who squanders away precious time and resources in Parliament, which could have been otherwise used on real pressing issues?

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