Loan Shark Tricks Roast Supplier into Delivering Roast Pig to Harass Malay Family in Tampines

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The hanging of pig heads outside the doors of the debtors was a common practice used by loan sharks to harass them into paying off their debts.

However, a particular loan shark who seemed to be having difficulties getting a pig head, decided to improvise.

Yesterday (16th Nov), the boss of Ming Wang Roasted Pig Supplier Pte Ltd 58-year-old Mr Hu, had delivered a whole roast pig to an address in Tampines, after receiving an order on Monday from one Lee.

Lee had demanded that the roasted pig be delivered first, and that he would pay cash in person for the order after receiving it.

As no one was home when the roast pig was delivered to the address, Mr Hu the boss of the roasted pig supplier company, called Lee, but did not get a response. After waiting for around 4 hours, Mr Hu discovered to his surprise that the delivery of the roast pig was to a Malay family.

This was when Mr Hu realised that he had been tricked into helping prank the Malay family with a roast pig. Mr Hu immediately made a police report.

The police have confirmed that they have received a case of intentional harassment, and are currently investigating.

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