Expose Worker’s Party Leadership for Covering Up Raeesah Khan’s Lies in Parliament

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The Worker’s Party leadership has admitted they knew Raeesah Khan lied months before she confessed in Parliament. They claim that they gave her time to talk to her family, and wanted her to confess personally in Parliament.


The problem is that the timeline of events does not add up:

– The WP has revealed that they knew she lied a week after she delivered her speech in August.

– She was told to tell her family and clarify personally in Parliament, as soon as she could.

– In September, Ms Khan came down with shingles and could not attend Parliament.

– In October, Ms Khan was again questioned by Min Shanmugam and once again lied, despite already telling the WP leadership that it was a lie.


This is where the Worker’s Party explanation starts to crumble. The WP says that after Ms. Khan lied again, the WP leadership told her she must clarify at the next available opportunity.

HOWEVER, the WP forgets that the next available opportunity then was not the November 2021 parliamentary session, as they want the public to believe!

The October parliamentary session was held over TWO DAYS – 4th October 2021 and 5th October 2021. Raeesah Khan lied to Min Shan on 4th October. The WP leaders are now saying that they were taken aback, and asked her to come clean at the next opportunity.

In that case, why didn’t the WP leadership tell her to come clean on THE VERY NEXT DAY on the 5th of October 2021???!! And even then at any point of time Raeesah Khan could have written personally to the Speaker to confess. A personal confession doesn’t have to be a speech. Their explanation thus does not hold water.

Does that mean that the WP leadership was trying their best to cover things up until they could not? Were they complicit in abetting Raeesah Khan’s lies?

At the very least they are complicity when on 4 October 2021 she lied again, and did not compel her to clarify on 5 October 2021. Was the disciplinary inquiry then not a farce? Since they already knew everything!


It seems we now have the answers to the three ‘Watergate’ questions:

Q1: What did the WP leadership know about Raeesah Khan’s lies?

A: Everything


Q2: When did they know about it?

A: Almost immediately. A week after she lied to be precise.


Q3: What did they do about this information?

A: Absolutely nothing.


Credits: Calvin Cheng

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