Low Thia Khiang Should Return to Save Worker’s Party, A Damaged Worker’s Party is a Damaged Singapore

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Low Thia Khiang spent his life building up a credible opposition party. I hope it can still be saved. It will be an utter embarrassment for Singapore if we once again have a one party Parliament. Or worse, having a defective opposition in Parliament.

If one thing we can pray or hope for now is that Mr Low has the health or be given the health, to come back one more time and save the WP. And for Prof Daniel Goh to find the moral strength to help him. We need a strong, credible opposition. It will be saving Singapore too.

PAP supporters should stop gloating. A damaged WP is a damaged Singapore. They were our best hope for a good, credible opposition that Mr. Low worked hard to build.

PS. I must say however that I have a personal bias for Pritam Singh. I have thus until now refrained from personally naming him in any of my previous posts. I find it very hard to believe that he would personally direct Raeesah Khan to lie. To me, it seems out of character. I have openly said many times he is a blessing to the Worker’s Party, a charismatic leader and a responsible, moderate and charismatic politician. It is very very hard for me to believe that Pritam would ask anyone to cover up and lie. I would like to state this in public But as I said, I am biased. I am however not so sure about the rest of the Worker’s Party current leadership especially some who have been publicly called dishonest several times. Even by a judge.

Credits: Calvin Cheng

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