Bentley Driver Cuts Queue to Drive into School Compound, Tries to Run Over Security Guard When Stopped

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Queuing in Singapore is a very common occurrence whenever we want to buy food, buy TOTO, or even when we want to go to the toilet sometimes. However, the driver of a luxury supercar, a Bentley reportedly costing upwards of $1,000,000, decided that his ultra expensive luxury car apparently gave him a free pass to skip the queue.

A video of a white Bentley seen attempting to drive into the compound of Red Swastika School at Bedok had made its way round social media this afternoon. In the video, the driver of the Bentley could be seen being stopped by a security guard and a member of the school staff.

Despite that the security guard was blocking the Bentley’s way, the driver lunged forward, knocking down the security guard down intentionally. A passenger could be seen getting out of the Bentley, who looked like she was arguing and filming the whole incident, threatening to file a complaint against the school staff.

It was later gathered that while the Bentley had the appropriate label to enter the school premises, the driver had cut the long queue of cars waiting to enter. This was when the school staff and security guard stepped in to stop the Bentley driver.

It wasn’t long before Minister for Education Mr Chan Chun Sing, responded to the video, vowing that MOE will investigate the matter, and condemned the act of the Bentley driver.

We are glad that the reckless Bentley driver has been arrested, and sincerely hope that he will feel the full brunt of the law very soon in jail time and caning.

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