Food Delivery Rider Repeatedly Harasses and Threatens Toa Payoh Resident, After Being Told to Wear His Mask

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A man who only reminded a food delivery rider to put on his mask, unknowingly ended up making himself a target of harassment and threats by the food delivery rider.

This incident reportedly occurred at The Peak DBSS located in Toa Payoh.

The victim 40-year-old Mr Lim, said that on 5th Mar last year, he saw a food delivery rider at the foot of his block not wearing his mask. After Mr Lim went forth to remind the food delivery rider to wear his mask, the food delivery rider became very aggressive.

When Mr Lim turned round to leave, the food delivery rider apparently gave him a hard push to the ground, causing Mr Lim to fracture his hands. In another incident, the same food delivery rider who had bumped into Mr Lim again, harassed Mr Lim, circling around him before ramming him down with his bicycle and escaping afterwards.

The third time, the food delivery rider apparently spotted Mr Lim from a distance, and chased him down, shouting vulgarities and threats at Mr Lim.

Mr Lim has since made a police report against the food delivery rider.



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