Singaporean Man Caught Marking Territory in Johor Bahru With His Pee

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With the opening of the Malaysian borders, many Singaporeans are ready to resume their weekly activities up north in Johor Bahru, like shopping, massage, and of course, getting cheap fuel.

However, one such Singaporean who decided to take his BMW for a spin in Johor Bahru, had apparently become famous overnight with his “special act”. The Singaporean man, who looked to be in his 20s to 30s, was caught on CCTV, coming out of his blue BMW, and peeing at the roadside while giggling at the same time.

In a video of the incident which went viral in both Singapore and Malaysian social media platforms, the Singapore man could be seen diligently spreading his pee, ensuring that his fluids were properly covering the area.

While dogs are known to do this all the time to mark their territory, could this Singaporean man be trying to do the same thing? His disgusting act did not go unnoticed, as many Malaysian netizens who commented on the viral video, had told him to go back to his country.

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