Gay Rights Activist Remy Choo Wants More Than Just To Tear Up 377A, Wants Gay Rights in Schools, Housing, and Media

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In a rousing speech renascent of William Wallace’s “Freedom” speech in Braveheart, gay rights activist and lawyer Remy Choo rallied the audience of the recently concluded Pink Dot 14 event at Hong Lim Park, with talk of how Section 377A (which amongst other things criminalizes sex between two gay men) which is now under review by the Singapore Government, has seriously impacted the lives of gays in Singapore.

Remy Choo said that MPs will soon face a choice in Parliament, of whether to continue letting Singapore “be a society held hostage to a vocal moral minority?”, or whether they should “finally start making good on our pledge to be a democratic society, based on justice and equality?”.

Remy Choo also said that repealing 377A is the first step towards reclaiming what it means to be normal. Remy Choo adds that discrimination against the gays will not end with the repeal, but that they will need to carry the fight forward against discrimination even into schools, housing policy, and media representation.

Debunking the Whimsical Claims

The first question to consider is whether the Singapore Government actually actively enforces 377A. To date, there has never been a single reported case of prosecution against gays and queers in Singapore. In fact, the Prime Minister himself said that 377A will not be enforced.

With regard to discrimination in housing policy, gay couples are welcome to purchase resale HDB flats or private properties. In schools, there are no rules or policies preventing students who are gay to attend lessons.

How has the censorship of kissing scenes between same sex cartoon characters affected the rights of gays? All forms of media are censored according to age appropriate categories to protect the younger vulnerable minds of children. Does Remy Choo intend for gay sex scenes to be added into cartoons meant for minors?

With this in mind, how exactly has the existence of 377A turned Singapore into a society of injustice and inequality as claimed by Remy Choo in his speech?

The Truth Of It

The non-enforcement of 377A is a compromise between the views of polarised groups and attitudes towards gays and gay marriages in the society. Even so, the Government has chosen to address the concerns of the LGBT community by reviewing the 377A.

Remy Choo is not doing the LGBT community any favors with his ridiculous claims of injustice, inequality and discrimination against the LGBT in his Pink Dot speech. Such talk will only serve to further divide the society’s polarised views on LGBTs, and very likely create hate against the LGBT community itself.

Is Remy Choo really rallying for the rights of the LGBT community? Or is Remy Choo simply trying to sensationalise the 377A issue to gain publicity for himself as the gay activist warrior hero of Singapore?

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