Electric Car Catches Fire After Collision in Little India, Passersby Help Put Out Fire With Extinguishers Nearby

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Four vehicles ended up having a chain collision, resulting in one of the vehicles catching fire. Fortunately, passersby who witnessed this, quickly sprung into action, and put out the fire using fire extinguishers nearby.

This incident happened yesterday (5th Jul) at around 11.45am, at Little India’s Dunlop Street.

In a video posted on SG Road Vigilante, a white electric car was seen to have suddenly lost control, and crashed into a car parked at the roadside, before swerving to avoid a lorry, and crashing into another car, and catching fire.

According to eye-witnesses, the electric car caught fire shortly after crashing into a pickup truck. The fire was put out by two quick thinking patrons of a provision shop nearby.

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