NUS Graduate Tried to Protest Death Penalty During Graduation Ceremony

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Last Wednesday (6 July), Luke Levy, a Social Sciences graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS), held up a piece of paper with the words “Abolish the death penalty. No to state murder. End poverty, not life. Blood on your hands” as he walked on stage during his convocation ceremony.

He then took his stage photo with the sign in his hands.

On his Twitter, he wrote that his ceremony was at 2.30pm which was around the time of Malaysian drug trafficker Kalwant Singh’s “last appeal for his life in court before execution”.

Levy wrote ” I felt uncomfortable with this juxtaposition of being celebrated by an institution of the state that was going to murder two the next day”.

NUS has blurred out the words in his official photograph and cut out his part in the broadcast footage. Levy then accused the university of silencing anything “uncomfortable to their institution”.

Clearly, NUS is taking a firm stance against such disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour which it does not tolerate. This is a student who benefitted from the country’s stability but doesn’t know better than to show utter disregard for the law and put his university to shame.

Of all things to defend, he wants to defend drug traffickers. It only makes him look like a clown on stage.

He thinks by giving his time on stage to a drug trafficker he is making an honourable sacrifice. He thinks he is a hero championing human rights. Truth is, he is just another idealist with no real solutions.

Levy capitalised on this incident by asking people to donate to Transformative Justice Collective – a movement made up of of like-minded SJWs who are seeking to abolish the death penalty and “the reform of Singapore’s criminal punishment system”. This goes to show how such activists have brainwashed youth like Luke Levy.

Drug trafficking is a serious issue, yet activists are calling for punishment to reduce.

If we abolish the death penalty, what will happen? What do we do with drug mules? If we do not have any strong deterrent against drug trafficking, we will soon find ourselves swamped with drugs in Singapore. Families will be broken, lives will be destroyed.

What about murder crimes? If we do away with capital punishment, what are the implications?

Have social justice warriors like Levy and Kirsten Han (who shared his post) thought through carefully about all these societal consequences? Or are they just empty vessels trying to make noise for the sake of making noise?

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