Yishun Innova JC Student Performs Middle Eastern Terrorist Execution Skit On Racial Harmony Day

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Racial harmony day is supposed to be a day to celebrate the unity of Singapore’s different races, something which we hold so dear to our hearts.

However, one student from Yishun Innova Junior College (YIJC) decided that it would be funny to come to class dressed up as a middle eastern man. Not only did this student dress up as a middle eastern man, the highly talented individual decided that it would be very entertaining to act as a middle eastern terrorist, pretending to behead someone and throw a bomb into a classroom.

A video of the incident was presumably taken by one of the students at the YIJC, and has been circulating on Facebook.

This certainly makes people wonder just what kind of education has these students been receiving, that they would do something so insensitive to provoke tensions between races, instead of celebrating racial harmony.

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