Home Owner in Yishun Gets Drunk Locks Himself at Home, and Sits Dangerously Outside Window Ledge For Over 3 Hours

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A man locked himself in his newly renovated HDB flat, and decided to sit on the window ledge with both his legs dangling out the window, after he got drunk.

This incident happened today (31st Aug) at around 7am, at a 11th floor HDB unit located at block 465A Yishun Ave 6.

The man who was topless at that time, could be seen sitting precariously on the window ledge, with just one hand holding onto the window frame to support himself, while drinking alcohol from the other hand. There were also chilling moments when the man actually climbed out onto the ledge.

Residents in the area who witnessed this, immediately called for the SCDF, who arrived at the scene shortly. The rescuers from the SCDF set up a air mattress at the bottom the HDB block, while a separate team of rescuers managed to get into the man’s HDB flat by climbing a netting.

After over 3 hours of efforts by the SCDF, they were able to safely rescue the drunken man.

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