Uncle Challenge PRC to Fight For Telling to Turn Down His Music Volume, Claims He is Big Gangster Who Will F**k Him Up

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We are all too familiar with that one uncle or auntie who likes playing loud music on their phones while in a bus. For those of us who just want a quiet and peaceful ride home after a long day at work, this can be rather irritating to say the least.

One PRC man onboard a SMRT bus decided to tell an uncle who was playing loud music from his phone to lower the volume. However, this uncle did not take too well to this, and decided to challenge the PRC man to a fight.

In a 5 min video uploaded by Kohiceice on Complaint Singapore Facebook group, the uncle could be heard asking how old the PRC man was, and that he was an influential gangster who can mess him up real bad, and that he should keep quiet.

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