Workers’ Party: An Opposition That Cannot Tolerate Opposing Views

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The Workers’ Party set up a disciplinary committee to look into ex-NCMP Daniel Goh’s Facebook posts. During the Raeesah Khan saga, he posted his views on the way WP handled the matter. He thought they left many questions unanswered. He did not agree with how they threw Raeesah Khan under the bus and felt that they should take some responsibility for allowing the problem to continue.

Almost a year after the saga, WP wants to investigate Goh because they think he “revealed the inner workings” of the party, “allowed political opponents to have an inside understanding of how the WP operates”, and “cast a cloud over the character of their leadership.”

More than anything, their latest decision shows that WP is being ironic.

An Opposition Party that Cannot Tolerate Opposing Views

WP is the biggest opposition in Singapore. Its chief, Pritam Singh, is also Leader of the Opposition. They often express opposing views in parliament and on social media, yet they cannot tolerate opposing views, even internally (as Goh is a member of WP).

Goh had questioned WP’s lack of open communication and revealed their practice of reviewing each other’s speeches. Other than that, there was nothing in particular that “casted a cloud” over the party. Why are they so intolerant of his posts? Why go to this extent to punish him? Are they going on a witch hunt?

Ownself Check Ownself

It is unnecessary for WP to form a disciplinary committee over something so trivial. Going to this extent makes it look as if they are out to silence somebody.

The last time they had a disciplinary committee was for Raeesah Khan and that was only after she came under the spotlight. They strangely formed a committee which included senior WP leaders who were already in on her lies. When questioned about their inaction, Pritam Singh simply responded by saying that it was her (Khan’s) call.

“I will not judge you.” -Pritam Singh to Raeesah Khan after she lied in Parliament

So why are they doing this to Daniel Goh now? There is no news on who is in the committee for his case. But if this is not ownself check ownself, what is? Where is the transparency?

Falling Short of the Standards it Set to Other Parties

The WP always claim to be PAP’s check and balances. Time and time again, it criticized PAP for not being open to diverse views and for lacking transparency.

If it expects such standards from other parties, it should jolly well practice what it preaches. It is a shame that when problems arise within their party, they fail to walk the talk and live up to the same expectations. Are they qualified to expect more from others?

WP shows that it continues to fall short of its own expectations. It may be the biggest opposition, but it is not ready to be open and transparent to Singaporeans, let alone form the government. In the words of LO Pritam Singh:

“Is this the future we want for Singapore or our children in the next 50 years? Ownself check ownself?”

Maybe they should get a reality check first.

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