90-Year-Old Elderly Woman Slaps, and Beats Up 60-Year-Old Daughter Daily, Says She Was Just Disciplining Her

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Most of us would have experienced beatings from our parents when we were young and naughty, but one such woman has been experiencing such beatings from her mother till she was 60-years-old.

Lily (not her real name), is 65-years-old, and suffers from schizophrenia, and has been suffering from physical abuse at the hands of her 90-year-old mother.

Lily was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2002. In 2016, Lily had to retire from her job as a polytechnic lecturer, as she could no longer continue her work due to her mental condition.

Since her retirement in 2016, Lily has been staying with her mother, who was 91-years at that time. During which, she had to endure daily physical abuse from her mother, including slaps, punches, hair pulling, and kicks. Lily was also not allowed to leave home.

During the next few years, Lily had made several police reports against her mother, and had sought four protection orders against her. Despite this, Lily’s mother continued her abuse, saying that she was merely disciplining her daughter, and that the police had no right to interfere.

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