Driver Makes Police Report Over “Hit and Run” Accident Damage to his Car, Turns Out He Was the Culprit All Along

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Recently,  a driver was so convinced that the damage done to his car was the result of a hit and run accident, that he actually went ahead and made a police report.

The crowning moment came, when it was revealed that he was the one who did the “hit and run” damage to his car.

In a video uploaded on TikTok by @Eunicecatx, she explained how her friend was involved in a rather ridiculous incident in Dec last year.

On that fine day, Eunice got a Whatsapp from her friend, that said “Hit n run” and “At police station now”. This was later accompanied with pictures taken of her friend’s damaged car and a police report lodged that day on 28th Dec 2022 at the Orchard Neighbourhood Polic Centre.

However, investigations of the driver’s in-car camera footage revealed that it was the driver himself who scrapped his car against the carpark wall at Far East Square. But the driver apparently did not even realise that he had damaged his car.


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