Injured Man Loses Bicycle Wheel In Accident, Shocked To Find It Intact The Next Day

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A group of kind Singaporeans rescued a cyclist who was seriously injured after meeting with an accident at Kallang PCN. The man had lost control of his vehicle as he was going over a cable box on the path.

The accident left him lying there, half conscious and unable to move, for a good while. It is unclear how long he had to lie on the ground before a group of electronic unicycle riders spotted him. They helped to keep him conscious and waited until the ambulance arrived.

When they found him, he had a backpack underneath his head. It was as if someone had placed it there already. His bicycle was also missing its front wheel.

“His front fork was broken off but somehow we couldn’t find the front wheel. Even after walking around the general vicinity, we concluded that the wheel may have somehow rolled into the kallang river.”

It was night time and nobody else was around.

“After the paramedics arrived, we helped to shine lights for them to immobilise the cyclist and later, helped to transfer him to the stretcher (as instructed by paramedics) after he has been properly immobilised.”

Oddly enough, in photos that were taken the next morning, the bicycle was seen with its front wheel intact. This time, the seat was removed.

It is weird that someone will tinker with the bicycle before and after the accident. While the group of rescuers had no idea what had happened, they suspect that the accident may not be “as simple as it seems”. What do you think happened?

Seems like 7th month can be spooky.

Credit to Garrie for the story

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