Orbigoot! Korea put advisory ban against Singapore now ownself got most Covid19 cases after China!

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Heaven got eyes, and now Karma is biting Korea in the ass! Who ask them to be so kiasi?

At first so scared singaporens infect them with Covid19 until they tell their citizens not to come to sg. They think they so smart right? Do like that then wun get infected? Then now end up they never come sg also got so many people kena infected by the virus already. Even got more case than us and they got super spreader!

Then their people also one kind. Their super-spreader sick already still refuse to be tested 2 times, don’t want to rest at home still go to church to spread the virus to more than 40 people. So irresponsible! If in sg, MOH sure catch her and drag her go hospital already! What is their gahmen doing?

So thats why, the moral of the story is dun be too quick to judge and condemn others. Scarly ownself also in similar situation then ownself kena judge and condemn. Another moral of the story is, a friend in need is a friend indeed. If u never help your friend when he is down and out, you are not a true friend. Plus your friend also wun help u when you also got problem next time.


Reader Wee Kiat

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