Pretty Beer Promoter Gets Warning for Feeding Customer with Beer

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A video showing a beer promoter feeding an uncle a cup of beer in a Bedok coffee shop has attracted numerous online discussions since it was uploaded on Facebook on Saturday (7th Mar).

In the 20 second video, the beer promoter can be seen bringing a cup of beer to the uncle’s mouth and feeding him, while he was seated and holding on to a newspaper.

According to the beer promoter’s company, her actions have violated the Brand Promoter’s Policy, and that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

The beer promoter’s company has since investigated the incident, and have transferred her to another outlet with a warning not to do such acts again.

The company has also reminded all beer promoters to be mindful of how they promote/sell their products. The company has a set of guidelines on serving customers to ensure their own safety and prevent them from getting harassed while at work.

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