Alfian Saat Not Happy With Government’s Efforts, Wants Migrant Workers to Make More Noise

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Over the years, Alfian Saat has made a name for himself by criticizing his own country Singapore.

In 1998, Alfian wrote a poem titled “Singapore You Are Not My Country”  which mentioned:

Singapore, I assert you are not a country at all, Do not raise your voice against me, I am not afraid of your anthem. …how can you call yourself a country, you terrible hallucination of highways and cranes and condominiums ten minutes’ drive from the MRT?

In 2013, Alfian was also involved in a Malaysian solidarity event organised by Jolovan Wham. During the event at Hong Lim Park, Alfian apologised to the Malaysians on behalf of the Singapore government for arresting 21 Malaysians who were protesting illegally at the Merlion Park.

Not letting up, Alfian has recently found yet another way of undermining his own country.

On Saturday (23rd May), Alfian posted a comment on Facebook group “True Life of Singapore Migrant Workers” which claimed that the group only posted feel-good, self-congratulatory stories about how grateful and happy migrant workers are in Singapore. He also added that the migrant workers needed to have safe spaces to air their grievances.

While front line staff including healthcare workers and dormitory staff are working round the clock and risking their lives to help the migrant workers, what has Alfian Saat been doing all this while? How is he helping the situation by instigating them to make more noise?

Maybe instead of making such online postings, Alfian could volunteer to help out at a migrant worker’s dormitory? I am sure that the migrant workers there will truly be grateful and happy to have him there.


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