Man Stopped From Boarding the Bus For Not Wearing a Mask Does Live Stream of Him Scolding the Bus Driver

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A man was stopped by the bus driver from boarding the bus as he was wearing a neck gaiter instead of a proper mask. Instead of complying, the man not only spewed vulgarities at the bus driver, but also started a Facebook live stream of the incident.

In the 15min live stream, the man identified as Nimal De Silva, scolded the bus driver for being a hooligan and said he wanted to make him famous, before continuing to cause a scene in the bus.

The bus driver could be seen calling the control center for help, asking if the man who was wearing a neck gaiter instead of a proper mask was allowed to board the bus.

A passenger who witnessed the incident decided to offer Nimal a mask to defuse the situation. However, Nimal rejected the offer, and said that he will not bow down to the hooligan of a bus driver.

The passengers of the bus were later asked to alight, with the bus driver repeatedly apologising to them, explaining that it was a regulation set by the authorities for all passengers to wear a mask before boarding the bus.

Towards the end of the incident, police officers could be seen attending to the scene.

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