Ladies Fashion Boutique Punishes Staff with Frog Squats for Failing to Meet Sales Target, Fines them for Gaining Weight

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Southaven is a ladies fashion boutique that has been operating in Singapore for at least 20 years, and currently has 5 outlets island-wide.

According to an ex-employee 20-year-old Miss Lin who started working at Southaven about two years ago, staff were asked to pay a range of fines for ridiculous offences. These offences include, letting clothing hangers drop on the floor, making spelling mistakes, and forgetting to replace the pen cap.

However, she says the most ridiculous of all, was that staff had to send photos of their regular weigh-ins to prove that they had not gained weight. Anyone who gained weight had to pay a fine.

Miss Lin added that during the eve of Chinese New Year in 2019 (29th Jan 2019), all the staff working in her outlet including herself were punished with 200 to 300 frog squats for failing to meet the sale target. They were forced to record their punishment to be shared in the company group chat as evidence.

When interviewed, the owner of Southaven Mr Cheng (58-years-old) denied all allegations of punishing his staff with frog squats, and making them pay fines.

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