Woman Scolds Dessert Staff For Not Serving Her First, Makes a Scene at Food Court and Refused to Wear her Mask

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Last Thursday (20th Aug), an altercation between a man and a woman happened at the food court located at the second floor of Waterway Point in Punggol.

According to witnesses, a woman wanted to buy desserts from the staff but was standing in the wrong queue. She got angry when a man who came later than her was served first by the staff, and shouted to the staff that she was here first, and demanded to know why she was not served first. Despite the staff explaining that she had stood in the wrong queue, she continued scolding the staff at the dessert stall.

The man who was buying desserts got triggered and chided her for scolding the staff despite not wearing a mask. In response, the woman went berserk and shouted at the man asking him to call the police.

However, the incident did not stop there as the woman went back to her seat to grab her mobile phone to record her argument with the man.

A video of the incident taken by the man involved “Steve”, has been shared on Facebook since.

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