$3 Haircut in Clementi Hair Salon Turns Out to be $199 Haircut, Tries Charging Thousands to Customer’s NETS Card

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Following the incident where a 63-year-old cleaning lady was coerced by sales staff of a beauty salon located at Suntec City Mall into paying over $13,000 for their products, a netter has shared a similar incident she encountered, this time in the heartlands.

Facebook user  胡佩仪 (Hu) shared that Organic Salon located at Block 443 Clementi Ave 3, had advertised their $3 haircut and $29 hair treatment promotions outside their shop.

However, when Hu decided to take up the offer in the shop, she was told by the staff that there would be “extra” charges. After she told the staff that she only wanted to have a haircut, she was convinced to take up a package which will eventually cost hundreds.

When Hu wanted to make payment for the package in cash, she was told that the shop only accepts NETS payments. After handing over her NETS card, Hu realised to her horror that the staff had charged $1999 to her card without her permission.

When questioned, the staff said that the $1999 was for 10 hair treatments at $199 each. Fortunately, the payment did not went through as Hu did not have that much money in her account. The staff then tried charging various amounts of $599 to $399 without getting Hu’s consent. In the end, Hu was charged $199 for a single treatment.

Hu says that she intends to make a police report, and wishes to warn others to be wary of this shop’s unscrupulous practice.

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