Yishun Residents Set Up QR Code Site and Gathered Nearly 100 Videos and Photos as Evidence Against Woman for Terrorizing Their Homes

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A woman who has been terrorizing her neighbours at Block 112 Yishun Ring Road by pouring used cooking oil onto their door steps, recently decided to step up her game.

The woman whom the residents have given a nickname “Sunglasses Lady”, now smears faeces, throws used sanitary pads and masks at their front door.

In order to stop the “Sunglasses Lady” from dirtying their front door, residents have resorted to barricading their front doors with tarpaulin covers to prevent her from coming near their homes. Some residents have even resorted to more drastic means, including the construction of a durian wall (made up of durian husks) and cactus fortifications.

So far, the residents have collected nearly 100 videos and photos as evidence against the “Sunglasses Lady”, and have even set up a QR Code site to facilitate the retrieval of the evidence.

It was gathered that the incident was reported to the police in October this year, and is currently under investigation. The police have advised the neighbours not to get into any confrontations with the “Sunglasses Lady” until their investigations are complete.

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