Pls take Covid seriously. My uncle’s life changed after getting infected

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A netizen recently spoke out about his uncle’s experience with covid-19. His uncle is a healthy man in his mid-40s who would often jog, swim and maintain a healthy diet. Life was good until he got diagnosed with Covid-19 last year.

His symptoms were not too bad and he had recovered in two weeks. However, his health took a plunge and his life has never been the same again.

“About 5-6 months on, he is constantly fatigued. Like a short walk to a nearby market would have him panting. It has seriously affected – diminished rather – his standard of living.”

It is sad to see a middle-aged man put in so much effort to upkeep his health just to have it all wasted after getting infected with Covid-19. Having witnessed his uncle’s struggle, the netizen reminded people that the virus does have long-term effects even though it may not happen to everybody.

He wondered if people are taking the matter less seriously now that Singapore is in Phase 3 and has relatively fewer cases.

“I can wager that many Singaporeans are seeing it as no more than some flu, which if you contract, you just wait for it to go away. But covid is much, much scarier than that. It stays with you for who knows how long. And the long term effects are not the least unpleasant.”

He hopes that by sharing his uncle’s experience, we can all be more vigilant and cautious in our fight against the pandemic. Stay safe!

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