Man Sues Neighbour in Court for “Harassing” Him with Electro-magnetic Waves

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A condominium resident is suing his neighbour for harassing him with electro-magnetic waves, causing him to suffer from physiological distress.

Mr Yan, a resident at a condominium located along Geylang East Ave 2, who claims to be suffering from “electro hypersensitivity”, is suing his neighbour, Miss Chen who stays two floors below his unit, for intentionally “harassing” him with her WIFI jammers, and wireless routers set up in her home.

Mr Yan is demanding Miss Tan to shut down all her wireless devices, under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA), and is accusing Miss Tan and her tenants of conspiring to install multiple wireless routers in her home to harass him.

However, investigations revealed that Mr Yan’s “electro hypersensitivity” condition was previously diagnosed by a retired French doctor who does not have proper qualifications in the area of neurology or electromagnetism.

As such, the judge ruled that Mr Yan was unable to prove that the wireless routers and equipment in Miss Tan’s unit were the cause of his physiological distress.

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