Sudhir Thomas – A Writer Who Cannot Do Basic Research?

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Just days ago, race-baiter hobbyist Sudhir Vadaketh penned an article titled “The elites have run The Straits Times into the ground. What’s next?” on his blog, in which he “expertly” weighs in on how SPH has overpaid its executives, how poorly it has been managed, and how the elites have ruined the Straits Times.

However, being the highly educated writer he claims to be, Sudhir Thomas has failed to research and find out that the Straits Times actually posted record-breaking daily circulation figures in 2020 with 458,200 copies, up from 386,000 in 2019.

Of course, there are some who would say that the increase in circulation was due to the pandemic, but it really shows that in times of crisis, Singaporeans actually count on the local press as a source of reliable information.

In fact, even prior to the pandemic, the readership for the Straits Times remained at around the same levels for over 20 years. The readership was around 390,000 copies daily in 2000, which dropped slightly to 365,000 by 2010, before increasing again with a boost from digital circulation to 390,000. The circulation figures for 2020 was over 450,000.

Unlike what Sudhir Thomas enjoys doing (making baseless comments without quoting proper sources), all the figures mentioned in this article can be found freely and publicly online in annual reports published by SPH.

Perhaps the most glorious achievements in Sudhir Thomas’s life time, was writing for The Economist, a few years ago. Funny enough, Sudhir Thomas even mentioned The Economist as a better managed media outlet compared with the Straits Times. Has Sudhir Thomas intentionally ignored the fact that The Economist is a business weekly, and NOT a general news daily? Or has he not bothered (like many times before) to find out that The Economist’s profits have been dropping faster than pigeon droppings since 2017?

So it would seem clear that Sudhir Thomas was too lazy to even do basic research, or maybe even because Sudhir Thomas simply wanted to twist the facts to accuse the Singapore government of destroying the company in order to achieve his own agenda? Can Sudhir Thomas really be taken any more seriously than a 3-year-old ?


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