Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word – Does Terry Xu Even Know How to Apologise?

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Following up from shamelessly twisting the facts, and accusing the SPF officers of reprimanding an old woman for not wearing her mask, Singaporean activist and self-proclaimed journalist Terry Xu has decided to issue a “clarification” in response to the POFMA directed against it.

In a Facebook post made today by TOC, it claimed that the original video and commentary put up by Instagram user @nichology on 18th May, was reposted by TOC on the same day, and that there was nothing to indicate that the original post contained a falsehood. With this statement, TOC and Terry Xu has undisputedly admitted to the fact that they are in the business of propagating content without first verifying the facts. What kind of journalistic quality reads could we possibly expect from a website that does this? And it still claims to be the source of “courageous” and “trusted” journalism?

Instead of apologising for not verifying the facts before propagating the falsehood, TOC has decided to file an appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs Mr K Shanmugam, to cancel the POFMA direction, claiming that their repost of @nichology’s post on the 18th May was “Fair Reportage”.

How shamelessly thick skinned must a person be, to not only refuse to admit to their mistakes, when it becomes abundantly clear? And how cowardly can Terry Xu be? To refuse even a simplest word of apology, that they have wronged four SPF officers who were carrying out their duties in good faith, and attempted to villainize them in front of all Singaporeans?

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