SINOVAC is for Poor Countries Because of its Poor Efficacy

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If you would look at the table below, it shows that the SINOVAC vaccine has the lowest efficacy rate among all the vaccines approved by WHO.

Some people might wonder, why the hell would WHO even bother to include SINOVAC in their list of approved vaccines since the efficacy rate just managed a borderline pass?

This is because SINOVAC is a backup vaccine! It is not intended for default use at all! Want proof? Please read this article which explains that the WHO only approved SINOVAC for emergency use only, and not for general public use!

It also means that SINOVAC is meant for those poor countries who have no access to other vaccines, for their people to get vaccinated too. To the WHO, it is better for these poor countries to get SINOVAC rather having no vaccine at all.

In this regard, Singapore has got much better options, and does not need to choose and settle for SINOVAC, which has the lowest efficacy rate.

Logically speaking, if the government is able to afford a better vaccine with higher efficacy rates for its people, why would people still want to take SINOVAC? Its like being offered a Lamborghini which is faster and nicer to drive, and you go choose a lousy 20 year old proton saga that keeps breaking down?

While there are some people who still insist on the government giving the SINOVAC for free, what will happen if these people get serious side effects after taking the SINOVAC? Who will be responsible? Do they really expect the government to be responsible? If so, why would the government sabotage itself by offering such a unreliable vaccine for free? Go figure!

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