Customer Orders Food Online and Tricks Delivery Rider into Giving it for Free

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Yesterday (14th June), Matin See took to Facebook to share a rather ugly encounter he had while making his food deliveries on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group.

A person known as Nisa Zee had ordered food but refused to pay, telling the riders that it has already been paid with her credit card. This was not the case, as the order explicitly states to collect cash from the customer.

According to Matin, this was not the first time that Nisa had placed orders for food and not paid for it. On one occasion Nisa had ordered nearly $30 worth of food from 18 chefs to be delivered to an address at Jurong East, on another occasion Nisa ordered around $12 worth of bubble tea to be delivered to an address in Bukit Batok.

On both occasions, she will simply ask the rider to drop the food items off at the door as she is not at home. Matin decided that he had enough of this, and posted his experience on Facebook to alert other delivery riders.

Matin says that the next time this happens again, he will call the police on Nisa. He hopes that Nisa will stop cheating the riders of their hard earned money, as they are risking their lives to deliver the food to you.

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