Residents at Punggol Condominium Ignore Safe Distancing Rules and Gather in Large Groups

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Facebook user “Tan Justin” shared several photos taken of his fellow residents at his condominium on Facebook group Complaint Singapore, who blatantly ignored safe distancing and group gathering cap rules.

In the photos, the residents could be seen gathering in groups of up to 5 or more, and happily chit-chatting and socialising, ignoring all the COVID-19 safe-distancing and group gathering rules.

From the looks of the condominium façade, it appears to resemble the Parc Centros condominium located at Punggol.

Many netters commenting on the photos said that they were facing the same problem, with many of their own condominium residents simply ignoring all the rules, and continuing to gather and socialise. Some netters commented that a police report should be made to stop these errant residents from endangering the lives of other residents, while a few surmised that these errant residents were sovereigns who think that they are above the law.

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