Black Out at Steam Boat Restaurant, Lady Boss Makes Patrons Pay Their Bill Even After Only Eating Halfway

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Facebook User Ngo Lieu shared her horrible dinning experience at a steam boat restaurant on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group, where the patrons were forced to pay their bill and evacuate after a black out occurred while they were still eating.

This incident happened at BBQ & Hot Pot (La Jiang Shan) located at 35 Selegie Road at around 830pm on Sunday (11th July).

Ngo Lieu and her friend had only started eating the food they ordered, when the entire electrical system in the restaurant suddenly got turned off. After more than 30 minutes of waiting, there was no news from the staff, and so everyone decided to leave.

However, the owner of the steam boat restaurant did not apologise or explain the situation, but instead told all the customers to queue up and pay their bill. This was completely unacceptable to Ngo Lieu and her friend, as they barely ate 20% of the food they ordered. The lady owner of the restaurant did not care if you had just entered the restaurant or if you had eaten your food, she made everyone pay for the food they ordered.




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