Employer Enforces Slave Contract on First Time Domestic Helper, Sends Her Back After She Fails to Follow the Rules

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We have all heard of bosses or employers from hell, but it seems this particular example certainly takes the cake.

Irina Bobina recently took to Facebook to share details of the plight of a fellow domestic helper who had come to Singapore to work as a domestic helper for the first time.

The details which were originally posted by Bhing Navato, mentioned that a fellow domestic helper was sent back to the agency, and was told by the agent that she was not allowed to transfer to other employers.

The very reason for why she was sent back, was that she only requested to have her phone with her every night, so that she can talk to her children back home.

Not only did the employer refuse this request, the domestic helper was given a list of rules to follow, and told that these were regulations from MOM.

Some of the rules on the list included:

  1. No talking to other maids or strangers. No borrowing of items from other maids as employers do not like it. 
  2. No buying or using of handphone. Employer will confiscate if found out. Handphone usage allowed only on weekends.
  3. No showing black face to employer, and must always respect employer’s family. 
  4. No arguing with employers. 
  5. Must learn Indian cooking.
  6. Must not eat employer’s food or children food unless given by employer.
  7. Do not compare salary and job scope with other maids.

Apart from the ridiculous list of rules, the domestic helper was not allowed to have any off days.

It seems that this particular employer is not looking for a domestic helper, but actually looking for a slave. Does this employer not know that slavery has been outlawed for many hundreds of years? Or does this employer come from a place where slavery is still widely practiced?

We hope that MOM will take such abuse and cruel treatment of domestic helpers seriously and punish the errant employers.

This particular employer certainly does not deserve to have any domestic helpers!

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