Man Goes on Island-wide Hunt to Recover Lost Macaw Parrot, Finds it Chilling Out at Nearby Coffeeshop After Two Days

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A macaw parrot which had been an indoor pet for the last six years, went missing after it got frightened by an eagle. The owner of the macaw searched desperately island-wide using a GPS tracker, and finally located the bird at a coffeeshop.

The owner of the macaw parrot Lin (28-years-old), said his pet bird went missing at around 930am on Saturday around the Senoko Avenue. According to Lin, the pet macaw was purchased six years ago for $2000 from the previous owner. Lin had also spent 3 months training the pet macaw to listen to his commands, before bringing it outdoors.

Last Saturday (18th Dec), Lin decided to bring his pet Macaw outside to a carpark in Sembawang, to let it fly around for exercise. However, an eagle suddenly appeared out of nowhere, scaring the macaw away.

After searching desperately for two days using a GPS tracker, Lin was still unable to locate his pet macaw. Just when he was about to give up, a good Samaritan who came across his lost pet notice, contacted Lin after spotting his pet macaw this morning at a coffeeshop in Admiralty.

Lin was so happy to be finally reunited with his pet macaw, that he gave the good Samaritan a red packet to express his gratitude.

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