Woman on the Verge of Fainting Told By Security Guard Not to Sit on Chair As It Is Reserved for Guests

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On Saturday (19th Feb), Sharina shared a rather unpleasant and illogical situation on Facebook she encountered while she was accompanying her friend at the Eightrium building located at the Changi Business Park.

Sharina’s friend was feeling faint and was seeing stars, and needed a place to sit down and wait for her ride to arrive to send her to the hospital. Sharina helped her friend to the corner of the building where she saw an empty chair, and tried to help her friend sit down and rest.

However, to Sharina’s surprise, the security guard on duty came over and told them that they are not allowed to sit there, as the chair belonged to Nestle (the company has an office in the building). Despite, Sharina repeatedly telling the security guard that her friend was about to faint and that it was an emergency, the security guard insisted that her friend get off the chair.

This did not make sense to Sharina, as it was after office hours at 7pm, and that the security guard is refusing to let a ill woman sit on the chair which was unoccupied. Shortly after, an employee from Nestle approached Sharina and told her that the space was to be kept empty for her company’s guests.

It would seem that Nestle would prefer that the woman had fainted in the middle of the building lobby, then to actually lend her a chair for a few minutes.

While no one knows who the guests the chairs were reserved for, we do know that being overly rigid sometimes, can really make you look like an unsympathetic idiot.

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