Man Confronts Passenger on MRT, Tells Passenger He Has Message From God, Says Passenger Should Read His Facebook

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Confrontations and fights in the MRT trains are becoming increasingly common. However, one such confrontation which happened just yesterday, left many passengers bewildered about what triggered the incident.

In a 1min 17 sec video posted by on TikTok by @shanellegiftshop, a young man is seen randomly confronting a seated passenger onboard a MRT train. The young was visibly upset with the seated passenger, threatening to hit him, and screaming at him at the top of his lungs.

What’s most puzzling, is what the young man said to the passenger. The young man could be heard saying that “he has his own agenda”, and that he “is a messenger from God”, and that the passenger should go read his Facebook to find out.

Towards the end of the video, the passenger was seen getting up and moving to another train carriage, while the young man was left standing and staring at the direction of the passenger.

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