Singapore Must Support Ukraine, Big Country Cannot Be Allowed to Bully Small Country

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The following is a contribution from one of our readers.

Dear admin, I am not a highly educated or cultured person, but yet I know that bullying is wrong. I serve my country during my 2 years of national service with the SAF army faithfully and to my best ability, because I know that my country is small and needs its own people to defend it from bigger countries.

I will tell you why I die die will support Ukraine against Russia. In some ways, Singapore is very similar to Ukraine. We are a small country surrounded by many bigger countries. We do not wish to stir shit, but at the same time we must protect ourselves from bigger countries.

I hear from the news that Putin say, the invasion of Ukraine is justified, because Ukraine last time is part of Russia. To me, this is a total b***s**t reason to give. If Russian can give this kind of f**ked up reason, then I am sure that there is a particular country (very obvious which I shall not name) who will say Singapore was once part of their country, and that they can justify invading us.

I think it is very important that Singaporeans send a very strong message to support Ukraine. If one day, Singapore gets invaded by a bigger neighbouring country, wouldn’t we want the rest of the world to support us too?

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