Loud Music From Spin Studio Affects Spa Business, Spa Burns Incense to Get Back at Them, SCDF and Police Involved

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With space being a constraint in Singapore, many of us have to compromise in order to live peacefully and amicably together.

However, one particular massage spa located at Funan Mall decided to go on an all out war against a newly opened spin studio next door.

The cause of this conflict apparently, was due to the loud music played by the spin studio X-Fitness during their spin sessions several times a day. The music was blasted so loudly that it could be heard from the basement carpark.

This did not sit well with the customers of the massage spa HealSpa, who visit the spa in hopes of getting a relaxing massage and some peace and quiet. Over the past week, more than 20 customers have lodged complaints regarding the loud music disturbing their peace.

Despite the owner of Ms Goh trying to settle this amicably, by requesting that X-Fitness lower their volume, her desperate pleas were reportedly ignored.

The management of Funan Mall, later stepped in to help mediate the matter, by requesting that X-Fitness lower their volume, and even sent their security guard to enforce this several times a day. However, this did not go down well with the spin studio, as they resumed their loud music just after a week, when the security guards stopped their checks.

To get back at the spin studio, Ms Goh lit 2 TCM incense and placed them right outside their shop, near X-Fitness. According to Ms Goh, she wanted the spin studio to have a taste of their own medicine, by disrupting their business.

As days go by, the tensions between the spin studio and the spa escalated. On one day, the spin studio even called the SCDF and reported the incense burning as a “fire”. The SCDF turned up but soon realised that no assistance was needed.

As of 23rd Mar, the management of Funan Mall are still in talks with both parties to try and mediate the matter.


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