Domestic Helper Uploads Photo of 12 Ridiculous Rules Set By Her Employer

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An employer listed 12 strict rules for her new domestic helper to follow, including not loitering around the home’s security camera, and not to lock her bedroom door.

The domestic helper at the brunt of this, decided to take a picture of the ridiculous rules written on a white board, and post it online.

Among the list of ridiculous rules, are that the helper is not allowed to use her mobile phone during working hours, only showering twice a day, and not to lock her bedroom doors at night.

Speaking to reporters, an agent from Sincere Maid Agency located at People’s Park Complex, said that while some of the rules are acceptable, implementing too many rules can stress up the helper, which makes the employer and helper relationship very tense.

Another maid agency owner who wishes to remain anonymous, said that the domestic helper are to follow the rules, as long as they do not violate any human rights.


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