Singaporean Family Gets Drenched Inside Transtar Travel Tour Bus By Leaking Aircon On Route to Genting Highlands

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A family holiday is supposed to be a memorable experience where everyone is supposed to have an enjoyable time. However, this was not the case with Aung and his family.

Aung (a Singaporean) had booked a holiday at Malaysia’s Genting Highlands, and had arranged for his family to travel there on the Transtar Travel tour bus on Tuesday (21st June). Transtar is an industry veteran with decades of experience operating tour buses in the region, and Aung and his family had no reason to doubt the service quality of the tour bus company.

However, just a few hours into their journey on the bus, Aung and his family were left drenched in water from the leaking overhead aircon vents. This was by no means just a few dribbles of water, but more of a light shower pouring on them inside the tour bus.

In a video posted by Aung on Complaint Singapore Facebook, his son and wife could be seen drenched as if they had been caught in the rain and shivering.

Netizens commenting had mixed reactions towards Aung’s predicament. Some felt that Aung should just move to a different seat and not complain, while there were those who are quick to point out that the entire bus was leaking and pouring with water.

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