Two Transcab Taxi Uncles Tries to Duke it Out in the Middle of the Road in Chinatown, Motorcyclist Manages to Stop the Fight

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During peak hour traffic, driving can be especially stressful. This is more so for taxi drivers who have to ply the roads in search of passengers.

An altercation broke between two Transcab taxi drivers along Eu Tong Seng Street one evening. Two videos of the incident were posted on Facebook this morning, and has been circulating since.

In the videos, two taxi drivers presumably from Transcab, were hurling vulgarities at each other along the road side. A motorcyclist who witnessed this unfolding, decided to be a good Samaritan, and tried to stop the conflict from escalating into a fight.

Though it was unclear how the altercation started between the two taxi drivers, the motorcyclist managed to convince one of the taxi drivers to get back into his taxi.

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