Courteous Thief Steals Fruit Offerings From Chinese Deity Altar Outside HDB Flat After Praying for Permission

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Most of us are trained or educated in some way to always ask for permission before taking things from someone else.

One such gentlemen appears to also be well trained in manners, even while he was stealing fruit offerings from a deity altar.

In a 19 second video posted on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group by “Siao Siao”, a man wearing a green T-shirt could be seen walking along the corridor, when he decided to make a quick stop to grab a apple from the Chinese deity altar. But right before doing so, this well-mannered man, did a quick prayer, seemingly to ask for permission or forgiveness before taking the apple.

A few seconds later, the same man returned, and did the same prayer gesture, but this time taking the remaining 4 apples from the altar.

Reactions to the video were mixed, as some believed that the man did nothing wrong, as he had did the prayers to ask for permission, and that he was probably desperate and hungry.

However, there were those who felt that stealing is stealing no matter what, and that he was disrespecting the deity by stealing the fruit offerings.



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