Foreigner to Singapore: Go To Hell, You’re Worse than Drug Dealers

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A Caucasian living in Canada told Singapore to “GO TO HELL”. Andrew MacIntosh expressed disgust with our harsh drug laws, specifically the death sentence. He called everyone to boycott Singapore until we abolish capital punishment.

Singapore is worse than drug dealers

He thinks we are worse than drug dealers because we are “barbaric” and “brutal”.

“The Singapore gov’t is worse than the drug users or dealers. Execution by hanging is barbaric and ineffective. It brutalizes society and the entire criminal process.

GO TO HELL, Singapore. Your attitude amounts to: ‘Let’s get rid of all the bad people, then there’ll only be good people left’.”

Capital punishment is not effective!

MacIntosh insisted that capital punishment does not deter people from committing drug crimes.

His country, Canada, does not have death penalty. Drug offenders get fined anywhere from $1000 to $2000 Canadian dollars. In some circumstances, they get imprisoned from 6 months to 7 years maximum.

Canada’s drug crime rate in 2021 is 161.6 (arrests) per 100,000 residents.

Singapore, on the other hand, reported 45.7 per 100,000 residents. This is 3.5 times less than drug crimes (per 100,000 residents) in Canada. Is this what Andrew MacIntosh meant by “ineffective”? Does having significantly more drug crimes mean the country is progressive, compassionate, safe and free?

MacIntosh said that he will forever associate Singapore with brutality.

“Maybe Singapore, the Lion City, should re-instate feeding convicts to lions, another remnant of barbaric, primitive society… Singapore already has a good zoo, I understand.”

He has the freedom to think what he wants but he is in no position to teach us what to do. As a foreigner, he should not impose his views on another country and expect people to take heed, just like how Singaporeans don’t insult Canada for what it does with its laws. If that’s what you like, by all means, boycott Singapore.

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